This brief article outlines how we handle "back paying" affiliate partners for referrals they didn't get credit for during initial customer signup.

Read the following if you are an approved affiliate partner -- this is a separate program from our user referrals incentive located inside your customer Account dashboard.

Active affiliates

The guides below apply to affiliates who have at least 5 clicks on their referral links in the last 30 days. If you are not an active affiliate, the exceptions below do not apply.

Expired cookies

Our referral cookies only last a few days. If your referral signed up within 1-2 weeks of clicking your referral link, we'll happily credit you up to 3 months. Just have the referred customer send us an email ( confirming they joined Fomo through your link.

Forgot to refer

If you casually ref a customer to (vanilla URL), then they sign up for an active account before you provide them an incentivized referral link, we'll credit on a case by case basis, up to 3 months. Make your case to

Referred a customer before becoming a Partners

It's common for happy customers (at Fomo or otherwise) to refer other customers. If you join our Partner program after referring others, we do not "back pay" for those referrals.

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