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Steps to write a simple, high converting offer for your subscribers.

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This guide is intended for Fomo Partners.

After creating a link, you need to promote it in order to drive recurring revenue as a Fomo affiliate.

An email newsletter is a great way to do this, given email is the highest ROI marketing tactic.

Here are the components to a successful email newsletter about Fomo:

  1. Graphic of Fomo in-action

  2. Personal note from you, the influencer

  3. Brief copywriting about how Fomo works, and the special offer

  4. Referral link from your Partner dashboard

Let's walk through each one.

Graphic of Fomo in-action
Pending your niche, there are several ways you can illustrate how Fomo works in a way that will resonate with your audience.

For example, if you do ecommerce marketing, showing off our Shopify or WooCommerce example notifications could be best. If you help people build sales funnels, copy/pasting some literature or screenshots from our ClickFunnels or Clickbank guide makes more sense.

Further, if you are technical and your audience is composed of primarily developers, linking to our API docs or case studies will drive more engagement.

Whatever integration(s) suit your audience best, Fomo has a help article with sample screenshots and notifications for that tool. Just search our help center:

We also have several branding elements (logos in different colors, formats) available for download here.

Personal note from you
As master advertiser David Ogilvy says, advertisements convert much better when they are positioned as editorials vs "buy me" spam.

Since you're a Fomo Partner, it's likely you've implemented our tool at least once, and you have a qualified opinion about how it works or the benefits it derives for online benefits.

Adding just 1-2 sentences with your personal endorsement can go a long way towards increasing the click-through signups on your Fomo newsletter.

How Fomo works
There is "what we do," and there is "how it works."

What we do -- increase trust and conversions for online businesses.

How it works -- connect your favorite apps, show off customer behaviors.

Each of these elements may be tailored to your audience, but we like to keep it simple. As our home page says, Honesty is the Best Marketing.

Special offer
As a Fomo Partner you've been authorized to create extended trials. You can give your audience an extra 2 weeks, or an extra 3 months. It's up to you.

As an additional measure, you may offer an expiration for your link. To do this, simply log into your Partner dashboard and click "delete" on a given link. 

This won't actually delete it, but "expire" it from being used.

Referral link
This is the most important ingredient! 

To ensure you capture ongoing revenue from your email promotion, be sure to include your "/go/XXX" link somewhere in the newsletter.

Learn more about the terms and conditions of our affiliate program here.

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