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Partners promotion video how-to
Partners promotion video how-to

Learn how YouTubers make promotional videos about Fomo.

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This guide is intended for Fomo Partners.

After creating a link, you need to promote it in order to drive recurring revenue as a Fomo affiliate.

A keyword-friendly blog post is a great way to do this, given the free and evergreen nature of SEO.

Here are the components to a successful blog post about Fomo:

  1. Live demo

  2. Alternatives and trade-offs

  3. Referral link from your Partner dashboard

Live demo
Don't make a presentation deck about Fomo. We suggest logging into a live account, clicking around, or setting up a new website from scratch.

Many of our prospective customers tell us the following:

  • I don't know if I should sign up, because I don't know how to code. Is that OK?

Meanwhile, many of our new signups tell us this:

  • Setup was easy! I connected X, Y, and Z in minutes.

As a spokesperson for Fomo, it's your job to anticipate these concerns. The best way to alleviate them is by showing vs telling.

If you don't have a Fomo account for your own business, but would like a sandbox account for purposes of a live demo or webinar, let us know.

Alternatives and trade-offs
We believe strongly in presenting all the facts. That's why we've written several "alternative to" style posts about Fomo vs our competitors:

By being the "most informed person in the room" (er, YouTube channel), you'll communicate to viewers that you've done your research, and they can trust your judgment. 

Good talking points to consider sharing in your video:

A couple YouTubers who created videos about Fomo:

We welcome any content medium that talks about us, as well as our competitors, so long as it's accurate.

Referral link
This is the most important ingredient! 

To ensure you capture ongoing revenue from your email promotion, be sure to include your "/go/XXX" link somewhere in the newsletter.

Learn more about the terms and conditions of our affiliate program here.

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