Congrats on taking the first step to improving conversions on your site!

Here's a manual to walk you through your Fomo setup and introduce you to some of our most used features.

We've invested in the product over several years to be the most robust social proof marketing platform. If you are ever wondering "can Fomo do X?", we'd love to help you - ping us at!

Part 1 - Setting up!

There are 2 steps to getting Fomo to "work".

The first step is to embed your unique snippet on your site. This is 1 line of code that will start displaying Fomo on your site.

The second step is to connect integrations. This provides the data that will populate your Fomo notifications, which will like this:

Step 1 - Embed your snippet

Go to Settings > Embed and click "copy" on your code snippet:

Then, paste this piece of code right before the </head> tag of your site. Here's a video with step-by-step instructions.

If you've installed Fomo from a third party app marketplace (i.e. not from creating an account on "", your snippet will already be installed for you and you can skip this step). Here are specific instructions on how to embed the snippet on Squarespace, Neto, Kartra, Landingi, and a JS-only environment.

If you've completed this manual, connected integrations, have an event lineup, and still don't see notifications live on your site, check out our troubleshooting guide.

Step 2 - Connect integrations

Go to Integrations and connect all the 3rd party platforms you use and would like to show off customer activity from. We recommend connecting at least 3 integrations but the more the better if your goal is to show off diverse customer activity!

Specific instructions for each integration

After you've connected all of your integrations, head over to your Events tab. You should see your notification lineup - this is already live on your site!

That's all!

You can stop here if you are in a time crunch or just want Fomo to display notifications on your site without further modifications.

Part 2 - Customize!

Step 1 - Adjust your notification text

From your Events tab, do you see text you want to change? Fomo has a toolkit to help you dynamically replace or change the text of your notification message.

Here are some options:

Option 1: Edit the template message

We import data from your connected integrations as variables - some common ones are "title", "first_name", and "city".

Select your template by going to the top right purple avatar > Templates > select the template:

At the bottom of the Template screen, you will see the ability to edit the notification message, using various variables:

Option 2: Template Filters

Want to truncate, trim, replace, delete, or obscure certain variables? Use Template Filters:

{{ title_with_link | trim_before [ | ] | fallback [something] }}

Option 3: Template Actions

See the variables coming through in your Events tab and need more powerful logic? Set up a Template Action with "IF x THEN Y"-style logic:

Option 4: Event missing details?

See red "not showing" stamps? This means we are not able to read the variable data we need from your third party connection. Check out this article to fix it!

There are more advanced solutions to customize your notification message further, email us at to ask for suggestions for your use case!

Step 2 - Customize your visitors' experience

Go to your Settings tab to control how your visitor sees Fomo on your site:

  1. Timeline - select the timeline (initial delay, display time, etc.) for your notifications

  2. Devices & Position - choose Fomo's positioning on a desktop vs mobile view

  3. Limits - filter the notifications by recency and count

Control your visitors' experience by page via a Page Rule, like this:

Step 3 - Select your theme

Use our theme selector so your Fomo notifications align with your brand. Scroll through our seasonal hand drawn illustrations, animations, and add your own CSS code or overrides if you want!

Part 3 - Measure Fomo's ROI!

As a business decision maker, you want a good grasp of every expense's ROI.

That's why we've created a Dashboard to help you visually see all of your conversions in one place:

Your conversions data can come straight from Google Analytics. Go to Settings > Analytics to set this up. Here's a troubleshooting guide to help you make sure you're setting up the GA connection correctly. More Google Analytics help can be found here.

For those who don't want to connect Google Analytics or don't use it, we've built Scorecard. Check out our Scorecard guide to collect data within Fomo easily without code or GA.

Part 4 - Advanced Features

There are many features available to get Fomo working the way you want for your site. Some features to investigate next:

  • Too many notifications from one integration? Edit the capture ratio to control the ratio of your notifications by integration

  • Control your visitors' journey page by page with "IF X then Y" Page Rules, like *IF on cart page, THEN hide all Fomo notifications*

  • We're more likely to take our neighbor's recommendation over a stranger's. Enable Geo-Targeting to localize notifications. Show off Austin purchases to prospects near Austin

  • Use Roundups to aggregate frequent events into 1 notification, like "53 people in the last hour just bought a Yellow T-shirt"

  • Enable up to 27 languages based on your visitors' browser's language preference

More Resources

Congrats! You are now a Fomo mini guru.

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