This article is for users who installed Fomo through the Shopify plugin.

Shopify handles all of billing for plugin users. Their billing cycle for Fomo charges is post-dated. This means that your Fomo app charges will hit on the following billing date.

See Shopify's full explanation of the billing cycle here.

An example
If your Shopify bill comes on the 5th and your Fomo billing cycle ends on the 20th, you'll see Fomo usage charges for May 21st - June 20th on your July 5th Shopify bill.

This also means that if you cancel on June 10th, you'll still see Fomo on your July 5th bill for your May 21st - June 20th usage.

Note that Shopify bills for the full billing cycle month, regardless of when the user cancels within that month.

Your Shopify bill should provide the detail for which Fomo billing month is being charged.

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