This feature allows you to set a limit for the monthly Fomo notifications of your website.

For example, if you are allowed 50,000 notifications on your current plan and have 2 sites on your account, you can set 25,000 each of your two sites. 

If you set your limit protection max to the total notifications for your plan tier, notifications will throttle throughout the month so that you won't run out early.

Find your Limit Protection setting via Settings > Advanced > Monthly notification limit protection. Make sure you toggle on the setting, add the max notification count, and then click the green "save" button:

How it works

Once per day our system will check your Fomo notification usage so far in the month and estimate total monthly notifications to be shown. Using this estimate, we will automatically tweak your settings to show less or more notifications in order to match your specified limit.

Specific settings that are adjusted:

  • Maximum per page (allowed range: 3 - 8)

  • Delay between notifications (allowed range: 12 seconds - 20 seconds)

Only these settings will be adjusted. Nothing else.

You can see how Limit Protection changes your Settings in your Audit Logs (Account > Team > Audit Logs):


The goal of this feature is for automated slight tweaking of your settings, not total control. It works best when set early on in the month and when you have consistent traffic. 

It is possible that even when your settings are at the lowest (Maximum per page = 3, Delay between notifications = 20 seconds), your limit could be hit before the end of the month.

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