Fomo notifies users who reach 90%, 100%, or 120% of their plan's monthly notification limit.

To ease the frustration, service is not paused until an account is 120% above its threshold.

What Happens when Accounts are Paused

Every calendar month on the first day, all plan limits are reset to zero and notifications automaticlaly turn back on.

So, if a Fomo account is paused on the 15th of the month or the 30th of a month, it will be re-enabled on the following month's 1st day.

Data will continue to stream into your Events queue, and existing connections or integrations do not require any re-configuration.

Upgrading vs Downgrading

If you experience a high traffic month, perhaps from ads or press, or some other unusual traffic source, you may want to let Fomo reset on its own.

However, if your traffic is increasing for the long-term, it's a good idea to consider a new plan, which also comes with more features and benefits (premium support, more app instances, custom integrations, etc).

How to Upgrade

  1. Log into your account and visit Settings (bottom right) > My Profile > Change Plan.

Downgrading / reducing your monthly volume

If a new plan doesn't make sense for your business, there are several ways to reduce overall notification volume and remain active in your current plan.

While logged into Fomo, visit the Design tab and enable "Max notifications per user session" in the bottom-left corner.

A user session is defined as the total time a persistent visitor spends on your website.

What's important to note about Fomo, is that we already do not show any notifications unless your visitor is actively looking at your website.

So, if someone visits your site in the morning, then leaves the 'tab open' in their browser until after lunch, no notifications will be shown in the background.

But, if someone spends 2 hours on your site, they may see as many notifications as 50 other visitors combined.

To calculate appropriate settings for your site, follow along below.

User sessions in Google Analytics

The following screenshot from Google Analytics is the result of opening the Acquisition tab (left side margin) > Overview.

Above we see a total of 2,144 user sessions in a 7 day timespan.

Each user spends an average of 1 minute and 55 seconds on this website.

This means that in a given month, this site has around 8,500 user sessions.

If a Fomo user is on the Hobby Plan (50,000 notification limit), they could set a "Max notifications per user session" limit of 5 or 6 notifications per 2 or 3 minutes.

This would comfortably accommodate around 42,500 notifications per 30 days, and leave room for up to 30% in free overage, or 55,250 total notifications, without risk of the account being paused.

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