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Additional setup for Gravity Forms surveys
Additional setup for Gravity Forms surveys

How to filter survey ratings and customize survey responses.

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The objective for this example is to only show 4+ star ratings for a Gravity Forms survey. 

Step 1

Connect the new form on Fomo using the instructions found here. In Step 4 of that Help Article, we cover how to provide variables to Fomo. 

Let's add one more for the rating count.  My rating count is saved under the variable "Comment" in my Gravity Forms settings:

Step 2

Since I want to show off survey responses with 4 or more stars, I need to make sure my form uses numbers:

Step 3

Great! Now, we have "comment" available as a variable for my Fomo Template. Add the "comment" variable to your notification message:

Step 4

We've just finished the process of providing ratings data to Fomo. 

Now, let's add a Template Action to filter events for only 4+ ratings. 

Click on the Actions tab, add the below Action, and click "add action +":

You're Done! 


You may have unique survey responses and wonder how to turn these into variables for use in your Fomo notification. 

Let's consider an example of another survey question with a drag-and-drop response where the respondent "orders" their answers. The Gravity Forms field looks like this:

The above response is sent to Fomo like this:


If I want my Fomo notification to show off the #1 choice in the response, I'll use markdown to trim after the first comma.

Here's what it looks like now:

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