If you have specific products that you want to exclude from your Fomo notifications, you can now handle this all from within your templates.

Previously we had page rules that allow you to show/hide Fomo templates on different pages, based on the URL path.

Now in addition to page rules, we have template actions that allow for more granular configurations without having to deal with your webhooks or import data.

Click on your desired  template and then select the 'Actions' tab. Now you'll be able to create something like this:

for a different example...

The example above would prevent an event from being generated if the product title does not equal 'Gala Apples'.

Conversely if you only wanted one product to come through and be converted into notifications while blocking all of your other products, you could change the third condition from 'equals' to 'does not contain', so it would read
if 'title' does not contain 'x' -> then do not create event.

If you have any questions about template actions or would like some help configuring them, feel free to reach out to us on live chat or via our support email at hello@fomo.com. 

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