Fomo supports a wide range of integrations, and we are constantly building out additional integrations based on customer demand. 

Because we wanted Fomo's benefits to be accessible to as many users and platforms as possible, Fomo Instant was developed to create custom integrations for any application or website that includes a form.

Instant allows users to map over the fields in a form and turn that data into
event notifications.

Note that our Fomo Instant integration will work with most webforms. Exceptions include some webforms that are in an <iframe> HTML element.

Follow along for a step by step example.

Step 1 - Enable Instant

While logged into Fomo, navigate to Integrations and search for Instant.

Click into the integration and add a new form URL, where the URL is the location of your web form. In our example, our web form is on a URL called "".

Note: you must have the Fomo embed snippet installed on the webpage with the web form. You can find your embed snippet in Settings > Embed > Embed code.

Step 2 - Save and Edit your Template Message

Click to "save" . You can then click on your Template to edit the messaging and structure:

(Optional) Step 3 - Add html_class= 'fomo_instant' to your <form> HTML element

Although this step is optional, this will help Fomo find the form on your site. Adding this HTML class will not affect the look and feel of your form.

The reason we prefer completing this step is to handle cases where your registration page has multiple forms that could "confuse" Instant from mapping properly.

If you've reached Step 5 and you do not see your form fields data after waiting a few minutes, please try adding this html class to your form element.

Step 4 - Submit some test information

Go to your live web form, refresh the page, fill in the form using test info, and submit the form. 

Step 5 - Map your submission

Go back to your Instant setup page inside Fomo:

Within a few moments (sometimes up to 3-5 minutes) the "Form fields" section should populate with the sample form fields you just submitted:

Select the fields you want to include by "mapping" them to Fomo variables in the input boxes underneath. Please use the same syntax we provide as "standard variables" (email_address, first_name, etc.).

Feel free to add custom variables as well -- we would recommend you use our syntax (lowercase, replaces spaces with "_").

Also feel free to go back and tweak your Template Message (Step 2 of this article) if you discover that you want to include different variables.

Hit save, and the next time sometime submits info in your web form, it will become a Fomo notification instantly.

For a visual overview, check out our video guide.

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