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Using Markdown in Fomo Notification Templates
Using Markdown in Fomo Notification Templates

How to customize your Fomo notification message.

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You may want to provide static values for every Fomo notification.

Unless you're using the API, including these values was a tricky, manual process. Until now. :)

By using a simple but powerful text formatting library called Markdown, you can pre-populate future Events (notifications) with data, before they even exist.

In sum, Fomo's Markdown feature allows you to embed links, bullet points, bolded values, etc, with just a couple special characters on the Template creation form.

Just ensure that your Markdown toggle is turned on. You can find this in Notifications > Template of Choice > Edit:

Here are a few ways to use Markdown for your Fomo Templates.

Example: Point all users to my Pricing page.

If you connect Fomo with our Stripe integration to showcase recent purchases, you may want users who click those notifications to visit your pricing page, ie,

Since Stripe doesn't provide this data to Fomo, you can use Markdown to configure it inside your Template.

Here we've added a link to our pricing page, using Markdown's [text](url) strategy:

Now, whenever new Fomo notifications are created by Stripe, they look like this:

Clicking 'Learn More' directs the user to even though that link was not given by Stripe dynamically via the integration connection.

Example: Bold specific words to emphasize a call-to-action.

Links aren't the only thing that deserve an extra oomph of styling.

Using Markdown, you can wrap any word or words in double '**' marks (asterisk) to make it bold.

This will create a notification that looks like the following:

Example: Underlining or italicizing text.

It's easy to style each part of your notification message, using the _underline_ or *italicize* syntax.

Notice we used an underscore before 'signed', and then again after 'petition,' to underline the entire phrase in between. We also used a single asterisk on either side of 'will you' to italicize.


It's incredibly important to the Fomo brand team that you can style notifications to fit your brand, voice, and personality.

We hope that the Markdown feature supports the subtle but important cosmetic attributes that make you, you.

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