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Pausing Fomo Notifications
Pausing Fomo Notifications

How to pause Fomo on your live site temporarily.

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If you are considering some different display options for your Fomo notifications, but don't want your users to see your experiment while they are on your site, there is a quick way to turn off Fomo without deleting any of your existing settings.

Step 1 - Click on the blue Fomo logo

From within your Fomo account, click on the orange Fomo logo in the top left corner of your Fomo dashboard:

Step 2 - Disable Fomo

There will be a slider next to your site(s) where you can toggle Fomo on/off. This will disable the widget on the associated site. All of your created rules, templates, and design themes for the associated site are preserved when Fomo is disabled.

When you are ready for live notifications again, just toggle the slider back to 'Active'.

What if I just want to pause new data from a specific integration?

To turn off new data from a specific integration, click on the Notifications tab, locate the template you'd like to pause notifications for and toggle the associated Template to 'Disabled'.

Note: You can do this on an Integration basis, or template-by-template basis.

Additional Resources

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