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Welcome your visitors with the Announcement Notifications
Welcome your visitors with the Announcement Notifications

Share featured products, offers and more in this blank notification

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Announcements solves a problem expressed by many Fomo users - how to create a custom call to action for visitors to their website?

The Announcement notification will be displayed to all website visitors when they land on your site, no minimum visitors required!

With the Announcement integration you have a blank slate where you can write whatever you like and share an important call to action. Many websites have an Announcement bar across the header of the site, but users are so quick to scroll down they may miss it - they won’t when a Fomo notification pops up!

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1 - Enable the Announcement notification

Go to Notifications, click "Add Notifications", then "All Notifications" and search for Announcement:

Click “Connect" and then toggle to enable the connection:

Step 2 - Craft your Message

Click the “Edit” button next to the Announcement Template and write your Announcement. You can also add a link you want visitors to be redirected to when they click the Announcement notifications.

Some suggestions:

  • Check our our latest deals [linked to Sale collection on your website]

  • Sign up for our newsletter for the latest deals and discount [link to your newsletter sign up]

  • Did you know about this cool interesting fact? Read more on our blog! [link to blog]

Step 3 - Choose your image

Choose a pre-loaded image from the Image tab, or upload your own unique image that will grab your visitors' attention.

That’s it! You’re ready to start communicating directly to each visitor on your site with Announcements!

Tip: Update your announcement regularly to keep things fresh!

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