Thinkific is a platform to help create and sell online courses. Connecting Thinkific with Fomo takes just a few seconds and requires no coding.

Step 1 - Get your Thinkific API Key and Subdomain

Inside your Thinkific account, navigate to "Settings" in the left panel and select the "Code & analytics" tab. Scroll to the API section, which will look like this:

Save this API Key and Subdomain for Step 2.

Step 2 -  Enable Fomo

Inside Fomo, navigate to Integrations > Thinkific and click Connect.

Paste the API Key and Subdomain from Step 1. Enter a minimum rating (between 1 and 5) for the course reviews you'd like to show off.

Step 3 - You're Done!

After connecting, Fomo will begin importing recent enrollments and reviews from your Thinkific account. Going forward, new enrollments and reviews will become Fomo notifications.

Tip: if you have multiple courses on one account, you can use Page Rules to customize your notifications by course. 

You may modify the messaging or variables of your Fomo notifications anytime.


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