Sometimes you need granular control over the Fomo user experience on specific pages.

You can accomplish this feat with Page Rules. Here's how.

(Prefer a Page Rules video guide? Go here.)

Step 1 - Navigate to Rules

Step 2 - Create a Title and Description

Name the rule something that will be easy to discern in the future, ie, 'Hide Fomo on /about page'

Step 3 - Add Target Conditions

For example, if you are creating a rule to hide Fomo on a specific page/URL, set your condition and value accordingly. In this case, if the goal is to hide all Fomo notifications on the about page (ie,, you can set the rule like so:

Step 4 - Save the Rule

This will add your new Rule to the Fomo snippet, and after a few moments the rule should kick in on your website.

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