Sometimes you need granular control over the Fomo user experience on specific pages.

You can accomplish this feat with Page Rules. Here's how.

(Prefer a Page Rules video guide? Go here.)

Step 1 - Navigate to Rules

Step 2 - Create a Title and Description

Name the rule something that will be easy to discern in the future, ie, 'Hide Fomo on /about page'

Step 3 - Add Target Conditions

For example, if you are creating a rule to hide Fomo on a specific page/URL, set your condition and value accordingly. In this case, if the goal is to hide all Fomo notifications on the about page (ie,, you can set the rule like so:

Step 4 - Save the Rule

This will add your new Rule to the Fomo snippet, and after a few moments the rule will kick in on your website.

Note: Rules are applied in the order they are created, which is useful to keep in mind if you have contradictory Rules (ex. one Rule that hides Fomo on URLs that contain /product and another Rule that shows Fomo on URLs that contain /product/red-shoes).

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