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How to upload curated ad lists
How to upload curated ad lists

Guide for customers in the shared audiences BETA.

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Fomo's "curated ad lists" feature is an experimental product launched to a private BETA audience in January 2019.

To learn more about this feature or to participate in the beta, email

If you are already a participant, follow along below.

Step 1 - Get your list

Fomo will carefully leverage the target audience metrics you provided to build a custom audience.

This will be emailed to your Fomo user email, attached as a CSV.

Step 2 - Log into Facebook

Inside Facebook > Business Manager, visit the Audiences portal via the top left dropdown > Audiences.

Step 3 - Upload your List

Click "Create Audience > Custom" to open the wizard.

Click "Add customers from your own file."

Select "From customers and partners" in the Original Data Source dropdown and then upload the hashed CSV file you were sent by Fomo (Step 1).

Click next, then choose "Email" in the mapping dropdown.

The list will finish uploading and you'll see a confirmation screen:

Step 4 - Advertise

If you click "Done" on the previous screen, you'll return to the Audiences portal.

Here you can confirm that the list is ready to use, and you can point a new or existing ad campaign toward it.

Step 5 - Next Steps

  • Let us know (by emailing how your lists are performing

  • You can expand your list any time; email us and we'll provide a new file that you can append to your existing audience inside Facebook

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