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Personalized 1:1 Support through Calendly
Personalized 1:1 Support through Calendly

Book a 15 minute with our Success Team.

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If you have any questions or concerns that you'd prefer to communicate over the phone versus through live chat or email, you can now book an appointment for a 1:1 support call!

You can set up your appointment here in just a few seconds. You will receive a reminder email before the scheduled call.

Common topics usually include...

-API implementation suggestions and strategies
-Help with CSS/styling your notifications
-Integration customization opportunities

If you decide to book an appointment, please show up with your question(s) formulated ahead of time so we can provide the most accurate and efficient solution for your needs. 

Your time slot will be held for up to 5 minutes past the scheduled start time before it will be cancelled to provide availability for other individuals. 

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