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'Add to Cart' Fomo Notifications
'Add to Cart' Fomo Notifications

Show off shoppers adding Shopify items to their cart.

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If you're like most ecommerce stores, you experience a lot more "add to cart" events than actual purchases.

Here's the stat breakdown for one store, by a Fomo user who agreed to share:

Yet, while not all cart additions lead to purchases, it can be useful to show them off, so other visitors get a glimpse at the popularity of your store.

Enter "add to cart events."

Toggle this feature on within Fomo > Notifications > Shopify > Settings:

In settings, toggle the Add to Cart feature button to 'on'.

After enabling, whenever a new shopper adds the first item to their cart, a notification will be created for other shoppers to see:

You can permanently or temporarily disable this feature any time, and you can also modify the messaging of your Fomo notifications by navigating to Notifications, locating the Shopify Add to Cart template, and clicking 'edit'.

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