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How to connect Fomo with Magento 2.X
How to connect Fomo with Magento 2.X

Show off your Magento orders.

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Magento 2 is a leading enterprise platform for ecommerce businesses.

(If you're using Magento 1.X, go here).

From 2016-2018 we maintained a Magento 2 module in the official Extensions Store. We now have a standalone tool so you don't have to pay via Magento.

Option A -- No Code

If you don't have a developer, you may prefer our Zapier integration:

This will allow you to send basic order details like the product name, thumbnail, and so on to Fomo within a few minutes of "mapping" variables inside the Zapier UI.

See our full walkthrough for setting up a Zapier connection.

Note: Zapier has made Magento a Premium connection, so this option requires a paid Zapier account.

Option B -- "Some" Code

If you do have developer resources on your team, you can bypass Zapier and install our native webhooks module to send new order data to Fomo.

Here's our open source plugin, which you can install in a couple minutes: (follow the README for instructions)

After installing the Fomo webhooks module, navigate to System > Fomo Webhooks inside your Magento dashboard.

Click "Add New Fomo Webhook" in the top right, then log into your Fomo account and navigate to Notifications > Magento 2. Click "Connect."

Copy and paste the "Webhook URL" from Fomo > Notifications > Magento 2 into your Magento Store > Fomo Webhooks interface.

Click "Save" in the top right, and you're all set!

Next Steps

Going forward, new orders on your Magento 2.X store will turn into Fomo notifications. You may modify the message or look and feel of your order notifications any time.

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