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How to connect Fomo with ClickFunnels
How to connect Fomo with ClickFunnels

Show off your ClickFunnels purchases and leads.

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ClickFunnels is a fast-growing platform for building intelligent sales funnels.

If you host landing pages or sell products on ClickFunnels, you can connect your account with Fomo to stream new sales and signups on your ClickFunnels pages in real-time.

Step 1 - Enable ClickFunnels

While logged in to Fomo, visit Notifications, click 'Add Notifications, then 'All Notifications, and search for ClickFunnels:

Click 'Connect'.
Copy the url in the "Webhook URL" field in the resulting connect page. We'll use this inside ClickFunnels admin dashboard.

Step 2 - Enable Fomo

While logged into ClickFunnels, select a specific funnel you'd like to connect to Fomo. Don't worry, you can connect as many funnels as you want, but you'll connect them one at a time.

From within a Funnel, click Settings in the top right. Now scroll down to where to the Webhooks section and click Manage Your Funnel Webhooks.

Click "New Webhook" on the right and then input the URL you received from the Fomo > Integration > ClickFunnels page into the URL field.

Make sure you select "All Events" from the Event field, Version 1, and "json" Adapter.

Finally, click 'Create Funnel Webhook.'

(If you experience any errors during this process, please email us.)

3. Embed Fomo to show Notifications

The only remaining step is to embed the Fomo snippet on your ClickFunnels page(s). Copy this from within Fomo, Settings > Embed.

To show Fomo notifications on every page of your funnel, paste the Fomo snippet within ClickFunnels > Your Funnel > Settings > Head Tracking Code:

or within a funnel's page editor via Settings > Tracking Code.

4. You're done!

Going forward, new "opt-ins" and "sales" from each Funnel will be sent to your Fomo event feed, and shown on your various ClickFunnels pages in real-time.

Note: if you try testing the Fomo connection with an email address already saved inside ClickFunnels, nothing will happen. This is because Fomo ignores the "updated" contacts, and only listens for new contacts.

You can customize the messaging and merge variables of leads vs purchases from within your Clickfunnels integration or by navigating to Notifications, locating the template(s) in question, and clicking 'edit'.

*New - add city, state, and country parameters by following this advanced how-to guide.

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