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My Teachable course sales stopped importing
My Teachable course sales stopped importing

How to debug missing sale notifications.

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Whenever a new student enrollment occurs on your Teachable platfom, Fomo is sent a "webhook" ping with details like the student's first name, course title, etc.

Sometimes, these webhook pings fail, and Teachable automatically disables them.

If you've already successfully connected Fomo to Teachable but no longer see new course sales in your dashboard, this is probably what happened.

Luckily, fixing this is easy.

Step 1 

Log into your Teachable dashboard and visit Settings > Webhooks.

You should see your Fomo webhook, containing a url like "" in the list.

Step 2

Confirm that your Fomo webhook has been disabled. It should look like this, on the far right side of the screen. You may have to "horizontally scroll" to see this:

Step 3

If the Fomo webhook is failing, click the green 'Edit' icon.

Near the top, click the text option to "manually enable" the webhook.

Step 4 

You're done! New course enrollments notifications should resume immediately.

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