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Ultimate Troubleshooting Checklist: Fomo notifications are not showing
Ultimate Troubleshooting Checklist: Fomo notifications are not showing

Self-guided troubleshooting checklist for Fomo notifications that are not displaying on your website.

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If you have already:

  1. Connected integrations

  2. Have recent orders/subscribers/etc. within the integrations you've connected

  3. Checked that you have events populated from the Events tab

...but Fomo notifications are still not showing up on your website, then follow the guide below to troubleshoot why this might be happening.

Troubleshooting Question #1 - Are there recent stats in your Dashboard?

Click on the "Dashboard" tab. Do you see recent stats in your Dashboard?:

Your Dashboard stats will tell you if anyone has seen notifications on your site recently. If recent stats exist, then your site's visitors are definitely seeing notifications.

(If you do see stats, continue on with this troubleshooting guide but just know the issue is likely not due to #5 or #6 below.)

Troubleshooting Question #2 - Is Fomo enabled on your site(s)?

Make sure Fomo isn't disabled on your site(s). To check this, click on the orange Fomo logo in the top left corner of your Fomo dashboard:

If the button is toggled to orange, that means Fomo is, indeed, enabled on your site. If it's grey, toggle it on and check to see if that resolves the issue.

Troubleshooting Question #3 - Are there any Rules blocking the events?

Click on the "Rules" tab. Do you have any Rules that could be blocking your notifications from displaying?

Note that Rules are ordered by priority and can be drag-and-dropped. Additionally, some Rules can override others (for example, a Rule set for the "/" path may override a Rule set for "/something" path).

Troubleshooting Question #4 - Are Limits too stringent?

Navigate to Settings > Limits. Compare these Settings to the timestamps on the events in your Event tab.

Are your Settings here restricting your events from displaying?

For instance, if your "Event threshold" has been set for 10 hours but your events are all currently 1+ days old, your Limits settings will prevent any notifications from appearing:

Troubleshooting Question #5 - Is the (correct) snippet loading on your website?

You may think your snippet is loading on your website, but let's double check!

Step 1

Prepend `view-source:` to your website and CTL + F for the term `fomo`. For instance, if your site is "", you would go to "view-source:" and then search for the word "fomo".

You should see your embed snippet like this:

By the way, the text on this view-source page should have syntax highlighting. In particular, all "script" tags should be in one color. If the rest of the page has color-syntax and the Fomo snippet does not, you may have pasted it in wrong (ex. missed the ending "</script>" or pasted the tag in the middle of another element).

Double-check that this snippet matches with what is within your Fomo account (go to Settings > Embed.

Also, if you have multiple sites in your Fomo account, make sure you are using the correct embed snippet, as each site instance will have its own unique embed code.

Step 2

Are you using Google Tag Manager? Make sure you followed our embed instructions here.

Step 3

Go to your live website, right click anywhere on the page and select the "Inspect" option in the dropdown.

You will see a modal that looks like this:

Type in "fomo;" and press ENTER. If Fomo is loading properly, you will see a hash that looks like the example above.

Troubleshooting Question #6 - Is there more than one snippet on your website?

Following the instructions within Troubleshooting Question #4 - Step 1 above, do you see multiple Fomo snippets?

If so, delete any duplicate or extraneous snippets. Having multiple Fomo snippets (even if they are the exact same) can lead to performance issues.

If you installed via the Shopify or Ecwid marketplaces

Please remove any manually installed Fomo snippets. Fomo automatically installs a snippet upon installation.

Troubleshooting Question #7 - Did you click "x" on a notification while browsing your site?

Note that we have a setting that blocks Fomo notifications from showing up for 24 hours for a particular user if they have X'ed out of a Fomo notification (within Settings > Actions > Allow Closing Notifications:

If you X'ed out of a notification but you still want to see your site with notifications, you can do a hard refresh of your cache or try visiting your site either in incognito mode or on a different browser.

Troubleshooting Question #8 - Did you use a variable that is not available to that integration?

If your notification message uses a variable that is not available for that integration, this may prevent event creation.

To check if this is the case, navigate to the Notifications tab, click on each template, scroll to the bottom of your notification message, and you'll see the variables available for the integration:

Note: variables need to be included using the exact syntax that you see here. For example, "{{ first name }}" will not work. It must be "{{ first_name }}".

Some integrations allow custom variables. Our developer team can also create a custom variable for you. If you aren't sure whether your usage of a custom variable is acceptable, ping us at

Troubleshooting Question #9 - Did you disable your template?

Click on the Notifications tab and click through to each integration.

Next to each integration's connection screen, you can disable/enable all templates associated with that integration:

The toggles turn orange when they are enabled. In the example above, all templates are enabled.

Troubleshooting Question #10 - Did you follow all setup instructions for the integration?

Some integrations require extra steps for a complete setup.

Check out our Help Articles and search for your integration name. You'll find full instructions for how to complete the integration connection if there are any.

If you don't see instructions, chances are no extra setup steps are required for that integration.

Troubleshooting Question #11 - Did you set up a Template Action that blocks event creation?

Template Actions help you customize events based on a variable's value.

Navigate to Notifications and click on each Template. Then, click the Actions tab.

If you've set up Actions, do any of them (or a combination of several) block events from appearing?

Troubleshooting Question #12 - Are you up to date on your payments?

Fomo will attempt to charge the payment on file several times. You will receive emails (sent to the Fomo account owner) about failed payments.

If there are too many failed attempts, Fomo will suspend and deactivate the subscription.

Please follow the instructions provided in the email alerts to update your payment method.

Troubleshooting Question #13 - Do you have an ad blocker on your personal browser?

Fomo is whitelisted by most ad blockers but there are still a couple for which we're in the process of getting whitelisted.

If you have recent stats in your Dashboard, this means that other visitors are able to see the notifications on your website. It may be a good idea then to attempt to whitelist Fomo on your personal ad blocker.

We're here to help!

If you have questions about any of these steps, ping us at We'll also be able to help you faster if you tell us what you've already done to troubleshoot on your own!

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