Setting up Roundups for any integration takes just a few seconds.

Step 1 - Choose a Source

Suppose you're already showing off signups from your web form. This template might be called "Webinar RSVPs." 

Find this template's ID (it will be a number) from the Templates view:

In the example above, the Template ID is 63.

By inputting this number, 63, into the Custom Roundups configuration screen, you'll be able to show off the total number of webinar RSVPs for a given time period, ie 24 hours.

Step 2 - Choose a destination

Fomo's powerful Templates vs Events setup means you can show a different message for the Roundups vs individual events.

Create a new template, ie "Webinar RSVPs - Roundups 24 Hours" with a single variable, {{ count }}.


{{ count }} marketers signed up for next Friday's webinar!

Note the ID of this template, say it's 98, and input on the Custom Roundups configuration screen in the Destination field.

Step 3 - Choose a time period

By default, Fomo will regenerate a Roundup every 10 minutes for each of your configured Custom Roundups.

In this 3rd field of the configuration screen, however, you may choose which time period is tallied for your {{ count }} variable.

We suggest 24 hours, but you may input up to 168 hours (or, 1 week worth of data).

Step 4 - You're done!

Going forward, Fomo will generate a new Roundup for you every 10 minutes, using your time period (Step 3) value as a "rolling" value. 

For example, if you input 24 hours, we will look back 24 hours, every 10 minutes.

You do not need to manually delete "old" Roundups, Fomo will do this for you automatically.

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