Aweber is a leading marketing automation tool.

Connecting Aweber to Fomo is simple, and requires no coding.

As of March 2018, the easiest way to import Aweber subscribers to Fomo is by sharing temporary account access with our team, who will complete the connection within a few minutes of receiving credentials.

Once the connection is done, you may change the password or remove that user account completely.

How it Works

  1. Send an email/password login to your Aweber account.
  2. (Optional) Include which "list name" you'd like to sync with Fomo. If you want to show off subscribers from all your Aweber lists, this step is not required.

Our Aweber connection is secure, and works similarly to other Fomo integrations, but due to Aweber's underlying technology, requires a manual step from our team.

If you're concerned your free trial will end prior to experimenting with Aweber, let us know in your email to and we'll gladly extend your trial a few days.

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