Maybe you are pushing a specific product for a campaign and you want visitors across your site to see how many customers are buying this one product.

(The process is the same to aggregate signups for 1 newsletter, product reviews for 1 product, and any other specific customer behavior.)

You can use a Custom Roundup and specify the "aggregate URL" to achieve this!

The Custom Roundups integration aggregates purchases, reviews, signups, and any series of Events, into one aggregate notification like:

Custom Roundups automatically aggregates all Events of the same URL. So all "Crop Top Tshirt" orders and all "Long Sleeve Tshirt" orders are aggregated together into notifications like "X people bought Crop Top Tshirt" and "X people bought Long Sleeve Tshirt" and shown on all pages.

If you have a ton of products, this can be a lot of notifications!

However, when you add an aggregate URL, your Roundup notification will only count Events with this same URL.

For example, if you want to only show off aggregate purchases of your Crop Top Tshirt, you should add your Crop Top Tshirt URL as your aggregate URL.

You can find this feature within Integrations > Custom Roundups > Advanced Options:

Once you click, you'll see the "aggregate URL" input:

Note: Fomo aggregates Events by the "event URL", which can be identified by clicking your Events tab > hovering over an Event > clicking "edit" > copying the "event URL" input:

The Event URL must match *exactly* with what you've added to the "Aggregate URL" input from above. We recommend you simply copy and paste :)

That's all - now only the roundup for Crop Top Tshirt will be shown on all pages:

Note: If you want to hide notifications from specific pages, you can do so with a Page Rule.

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