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2 ways to display social proof
2 ways to display social proof

Fomo has 2 methods for showing off your social proof messages.

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Fomo has two ways a site can show off customer activity.

Our most popular method is our Fomo notifications (see #1 below).

Feel free to experiment and compare conversion rates with different combinations!

Method #1 [Most Popular]

Rectangular animated notifications that slide in and out from a corner of your website:

Method #2

Fomo Inline, which is a static message from 1 integration displayed.

Fomo Inline generates a line of HTML you can paste of your choosing where it matters the most.

For example:

  • "34 people are looking at this product right now" added next to a "buy now" button

  • "11 people subscribed in the last 24 hours" added next to a "subscribe now" buttton'

Check out the setup instructions.

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