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How to embed Fomo on a Kajabi website
How to embed Fomo on a Kajabi website

Plant your Fomo snippet on your Kajabi site.

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To start showing off visitor activity and your Fomo notifications on a Kajabi website, you first have to embed Fomo script.

Log in to Fomo and visit Settings > Embed > click "copy" button to copy your unique script for your website.

Side Note: If you want to show off your notifications on a site not hosted by Kajabi (even if you have Kajabi sales and connected the integration), simply place this snippet of code just before </head> tag of any website.

After you have clicked "copy" to copy the script to your clipboard, login to Kajabi and visit Settings > Site Details and find Page Scripts sections where you will paste your script from Fomo.

That's it! Now to show off your offer purchases, complete these steps.

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