Are spam bots posting unsightly reviews on your website? Do you want to prevent test sales from becoming Fomo notifications?

You can do this via a Template Action.

Step 1

Locate your template by clicking the purple icon in the top right > Templates > select the template you want to use for this filter.

Step 2

Click the Action tab:

On this next screen, enter the text you want to use to avoid creating Events. The example below filters out review Events where the {{ caption_long }} variable contains the term "ziagra":

Step 3

That's all!

This will remove all Events that match your Action. We can see all removed events from the Events page under the Removed Events tab. The red labels will help you determine why each Event was removed from the feed:

In the screenshot above, the first Event was removed manually by deleting it from the Events tab. The second Event was removed via a Template Action.

Note: if you are not sure which variable to use or which text to filter out for this Template Action, then navigate to your Events tab, hover over one of the spam Events, and click "edit event".

This view will show you the exact values for each variable so you can decide how you want to set up your Template Action.

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