Cafe24 is a global ecommerce platform.

Connecting your Cafe24 store with Fomo is easy and does not require any coding experience.

Important - If you already have a Fomo account, please follow the below instructions to connect Cafe24, then email us at so we can consolidate the new connection with your existing account. Otherwise, you may be billed by Cafe24 for Fomo usage as well.

Note - Once you connect the app via Cafe24's marketplace, you can visit directly and you'll be automatically logged in.

Step 1 - Connect Fomo

In order to connect your Cafe24 store to Fomo, you must install Cafe24 through their app marketplace:

You'll be directed to give Fomo permission to view your store information.

Step 2 - Embed the Fomo script tag

You're almost there. Fomo is now syncing live with your store orders, we just need to install a small widget on your storefront so your shoppers can see them.

To do this, first get your Fomo embed snippet from Fomo > Settings > Embed:

Next, in your Cafe24 admin panel, visit the "Design Management" tab and click the "Modifying the design" button on the left panel:

Find your "Main Layout" page in the left menu. Paste the embed code from your Fomo account above this </head> tag, like this:

Step 3 - That's all!

Here's an example Fomo notification for a Cafe24 integration:

New orders from your Cafe24 store will now be imported to Fomo, and streamed live on your site.

Fomo has been proven to increase conversions for thousands of ecommerce stores around the world -- we're happy to have you on board.

Email for further questions.

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