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How to troubleshoot your Instant form notifications
How to troubleshoot your Instant form notifications

Troubleshoot your Instant form notification

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Have you followed this Fomo Instant Form guide but you keep seeing the "checking your site for form submission" message (like the one below)?

If so, continue reading for 2 troubleshooting steps.

Step #1

Do you have multiple HTML form elements on your URL page? Even if you think you only have 1 form on your site, you may have hidden forms (especially if you used a website builder template).

Fomo Instant will have difficulty figuring out which form element to map. Please add 'fomo_instant' to your <form> HTML element.

Then, refresh your webpage and follow Steps 4 and 5 of this article again.

Step #2

Fomo Instant has difficulty extracting data from an <iframe> element. If your web form is located inside of an iframe and you're having trouble connecting to the integration, we recommend finding an alternative way to capture your form's data.

You may want to check out our 185+ notifications. For example, if your web form is a newsletter subscription form, you may want to connect directly to your newsletter app.

Alternatively, if the app hosting your form submission data is on Zapier, check out our Zapier connection which allows you to connect to ~2,000 apps.

Finally, if you want to build something custom, feel free to set up our Custom Webhook integration or our REST API documentation.

Step #3

Have you made recent updates to the HTML on your website?

If you previously followed our instructions (Step 3) to add a CSS class to your form element, you may need to check that this is still in the right place. Please repeat steps 3 through 5 of the guide.

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