When you connect to the Shopify integration, you'll see a bunch of customizable settings that look like this:

You can come back to this screen anytime by clicking your Integrations tab > Shopify.


You can toggle on this setting if you want Fomo notifications that aggregate your ecommerce sales.

These are "meta" messages that aggregate your sales by count, by location, or by what's popular in a given time frame. See full details here.

Create Fomo notifications when product image is not present

When this setting is disabled (like in the example above), Fomo skips generating notifications whenever your Shopify connection imports an event without a product image.

If you find that you are missing Fomo notifications, you may want to try enabling this setting temporarily. You can add a fallback image by navigating to your Shopify Template > Image.

Add to cart events enabled

Generate Fomo notifications whenever a visitor adds an item to their cart. See our full explanation for this setting here.

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