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How to setup WooCommerce Webhook
How to setup WooCommerce Webhook

Alternative setup to our main WooCommerce integration

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Sometimes, our main integration is blocked due some underlying factor outside of Fomo's control, this could be your hosting provider, server configurations, combination of wordpress and/or woocommerce versions, firewalls, etc). 

If you have already tried our main integration,  then this article outlines an alternative way to integrate WooCommerce with Fomo. 

Step 1
Create webhook URL. Search for "webhook" in integrations and click “connect with Webhook”. Copy the Webhook URL.

Step 2

Add the Webhook URL to your woocommerce admin. Go WooCommerce > Settings > Webhooks > Add new webhook.

Name: can be anything - “Fomo Webhook” works
Order Created
Delivery URL:
Paste the Webook URL here
leave blank

Hit Save! 

Step 3
Create a new order with at least one product and billing name & address. 

Step 4
Go back to Webhook integration in Fomo to select and map variables from your new order.

Step 5
Edit template, based on the variables set above, we can use {{ first_name }} in {{ city }} just bought {{ title }} {{time_ago}} 

Set image, you can use a default image icon or upload your own. Also, you can toggle on Avatar image if you have mapped email_address (which will try to use the email's gravatar)

Step 6
Wait for your next order (or submit another test order) and you are done! You should see new events when orders are created.


  • Only the first bought item will be used to create an event.

  • This setup does not “pull” in the product image, so a default image or avatar should be used. 

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