A lot of marketers who set up Fomo, work at agencies. They might have a few ecommerce clients, software clients, local services businesses, or a mix of all of the above.

For these marketers who wish to implement Fomo on multiple client websites, they used to have just one option: sign up each partner on their own account.

This is a bit annoying, however, so we created the Agency Plan.

With a Fomo for Agencies subscription you can provision unlimited client accounts as unique, siloed "teams." This means a team member for Client A cannot access the website, settings, or stats for websites managed by Client B.

Here's the hierarchy:

  • You, the admin
      - websites, settings, agency team members, stats

  • Client A team
      - websites, settings, team members, stats

  • Client B team  
      - websites, settings, team members, stats

While you have access to every team, and can log into them in 1 click (no multiple passwords), each of your clients may only access their team's websites.

Of course, every team may have unlimited team members, scoped to just that team or all teams. Learn more about creating multiple teams here.

Billing options for Agency subscribers
Many of Fomo's "power users" are part of our Partner program. This allows you to earn up to 35% ongoing revenue, forever, for referred clients.

Agency Partners have this option as well, however we priced the plan at just $99 to make it easier for Agencies to consider adding clients to their own master account, then billing them whatever they see fit, outside of Fomo's realm.

At the time of this writing, it is not possible to refer a client with a Partner link incentive and control their account within the Agency plan.

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