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Where to locate your PayPal invoice
Where to locate your PayPal invoice

How to export invoices for users paying via PayPal.

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Users paying via PayPal can export and print invoices for their Fomo subscription from their PayPal account.

Step 1 - Log into your PayPal account

If you have multiple PayPal accounts, remember to log into the account you use for Fomo payments.

Step 2 - Find your recurring payments

Navigate to Tools > Recurring Payments on the top menu bar:

Step 3 - Locate your Fomo subscription

Click on the hyperlink to view "My preapproved payments":

You'll be directed to a table with all of your recurring subscriptions. You should find and click on the Fomo payment within this table, which looks like this:

Step 4 - Copy down the subscription's Profile ID

You can find your Profile ID for your Fomo subscription at the top of the page. In the sample below, the profile ID is "I-3ABCDEFG45678":

Step 5 - Locate your Fomo transaction

Click on Activity in the top menu bar and enter the profile ID from the previous step:

Step 6 - That's all!

When you click on the Fomo transaction in your Activity, you should be taken to a printable invoice, that looks like this:

 If you need to adjust your address, you can do so from your PayPal Account Settings.

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