Connecting your WordPress Plugin's reviews into Fomo is seamless and requires no coding experience.

Step 1 - Find your WordPress Plugin "Slug"
Navigate to your WordPress plugin in the official directory here:

Once you're looking at your own plugin, copy the "slug" from the URL. This is a dash-separated shorthand name.

For example, our Fomo plugin is here:

Thus, our slug is "fomo."

If your plugin is this one (for example):

Then your slug is "insert-or-embed-articulate-content-into-wordpress", and so on.

Step 2 - Connect Fomo
While logged into Fomo, navigate to Integrations > WordPress Plugin Reviews.

Click to connect, then paste your plugin's "slug" into the form. Next, determine a "minimum rating" (1-5 score). This will determine which reviews to import to your Fomo account, and which to ignore.

Click "continue."

Step 3 - You're Done!
After connecting, Fomo will import your most recent reviews. Going forward, Fomo will continue to import new reviews as they appear on your plugin's listing page, Reviews tab.

You may customize the messaging of your plugin review notifications anytime from the template editor, below your connected integration.

Variables available:

  • {{ first_name }} -- reviewer's first name

  • {{ title }} -- review summary

  • {{ caption_long }} -- the full review text

  • {{ caption_short }} -- truncated version of caption_logo

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