Fomo has iterated pricing many times since launch in 2016. Primarily our "driver" for higher priced plans has been notification volume, vs feature-gating.

That said, there are some distinctions between prices on our public page vs our enterprise and enterprise light offerings. Here's a summary.

Self-service pricing

Self-service users are welcome to leverage any of the plans on our page. This includes large companies who wish to manage their own accounts. Self-service pricing ranges from $19 to ~$750 per month.

Below are more options, old and new, along with their monthly notification allowance.

Public - monthly

  • $19 - Starter (25k notifications)

  • $39 - Essential (50k notifications)

  • $79 - Pro (250k notifications)

  • $199 - Advanced (3mm notifications)

Public - annual

  • $159 - Starter Annual (net $13.25 /month vs $19)

  • $327 - Essential Annual (net $27 /month vs $39)

  • $663 - Pro Annual (net $55 /month vs $79)

  • $1,671 - Advanced Annual (net $139 /month vs $199)


  • $29 - Startup (legacy)

  • $49 - Pro (legacy)

  • $99 - Business (legacy)

  • $129 - Pro Advanced (1mm notifications)

  • $275 - Advanced Plus (5mm notifications)

  • $500 - Premier (10mm notifications)

  • $2,910 (annual only) - 7 in Heaven (7mm notifications)

Note: as of 2018, legacy plans are deprecated.

Enterprise pricing

The distinction between self-service and enterprise is determined by our customer. A large company may prefer self-service pricing, and a smaller company might prefer Enterprise features.

Enterprise packages include account management, technical phone support, custom use cases and integrations, data exports, custom designs, and a white-labeled snippet origin URL.

Enterprise "Light"
Below is a pricing matrix for Enterprise Light plans. Generally the inflection point from self-service to Enterprise is the ~$750 /month threshold.

Customers may pick and choose which elements are important to them, which makes the quoting process transparent and simple.

Download a PDF of Fomo's Enterprise Light pricing matrix here.

Enterprise "Full"
For customers whose case is too specific for Enterprise Light, we offer custom packages that range $12-40k per year, with a minimum 2 year agreement. 

Contact for details about these options.

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