Jumpseller is a leading ecommerce solution.

Connecting Jumpseller to Fomo is simple, and requires no coding.

Step 1 - Find the Jumpseller Integration

While logged into Fomo, navigate to Integrations and search for "Jumpseller." 

Step 2 - Connect Jumpseller

Click "connect with Jumpseller" to open the consent form. You will be asked to log into your Jumpseller store and approve permissions.

This allows Fomo to read recent orders.

Step 3 - You're Done!

After clicking "Sign In" Fomo will immediately import recent Jumpseller store sales.

Going forward, Fomo will import new sales as they occur, and show them off on your website based on your settings and page rules. Just make sure you embed the snippet in your store theme.

Further, you may update the default template message any time with variables like:

  • {{ first_name }}

  • {{ initials }}

  • {{ city }}

  • {{ province }}

  • {{ country }}

  • {{ title }}

  • {{ url }}

For help with your Jumpseller connection, reach out to hello@fomo.com.

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