After requesting access to Storefront, our team will enable it on your existing Fomo account or set you up on a new one.

Step 1 - Connect Apps

Once this is done, we need data from your favorite apps (POS, social media, product reviews) in order to populate a display at your physical location. To achieve this, connect as many apps as you'd like from the Integrations tab.

Step 2 - Set Preferences

Next, expand your account's top-right dropdown and click "Storefront."

(If you don't see this option, refresh your Fomo browser tab.)

Here you can modify preferences to fit your use case, from the Settings tab.

Step 3 - Go Live

Navigate to the "Link" tab. This will expose your (public-friendly) Storefront channel.

Visit this URL on a mobile device (e.g. Android, iPhone, iPad, etc) and "cast" it to a screen via ChromeCast, Apple TV, etc.

If you have a smart TV with a built in web browser, you can skip using intermediary tools and tune into Storefront directly from the monitor itself.

Step 4 - Advanced Features (optional)

If your device has touch screen capabilities, enable this from the Settings tab to make notifications interactive. 

If the event data coming into Fomo has a {{ url }} attached, this will produce scannable QR codes that your patrons can visit on their phones.

To customize the look and feel of Storefront, inject your own CSS from the Theme tab.

Step 5 - Share Feedback

We're actively building POS integrations and exploring new use cases for Storefront. Please email if you have a feature request.

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