At Fomo, we take customer success seriously.

Whether you need an extra {{ variable }}, settings toggle, or other custom features, we're happy to accommodate you.

While this has always been true, it hasn't always been obvious.

Starting October 2019, we'll now pay you to build extra features you need to get the most out of Fomo.

How it works

  1. Request a feature or fix via live chat or by emailing

  2. We'll evaluate the request to ensure 1+ customers could benefit

  3. As we build it, you'll be pro-rata refunded 2x your Fomo bill

Suppose you pay $99 /month for Fomo. If takes us 3 days to build something, you'll be credited ~$20 on your account ($3.33 /day bill accrual * 6 days).

It's that simple. Bring it on.

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