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How to create a Squarespace API Key (legacy)
How to create a Squarespace API Key (legacy)

The "old" way of connecting a Squarespace commerce store.

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If you're connecting Fomo to a Squarespace store anytime after July 16, 2019, please follow this guide instead.
Step 1

Log into your Squarespace website, open the admin panel (left margin) and visit Settings > Advanced > API Keys.

Click "Create Key."

Step 2 - Create an API Key

Name the key "Fomo" and enable "Orders" scope.

Click "Next," then copy the created key and paste into Fomo > Integrations > Squarespace.ย 

Note, this key will not appear again. If you are not ready to paste into Fomo, write it down somewhere else.

If you accidentally misplace the key before inputting it to Fomo, simply delete it from the API Keys area of your Squarespace admin and create another one.

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