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Show off appointments and orders from your wellness center.

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Booker is a leading platform for spa and salon management, and is part of the MINDBODY family.

Connecting Booker to Fomo takes just a few seconds, and requires no coding.

Step 1 - Enable Fomo

Inside Fomo, navigate to Notifications > Booker and connect.

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This will authenticate your Booker account to Fomo. Note: we do not modify any information your account, as our connection is "read-only."

Step 2 - Enable a Booker location

After connecting, your Booker locations will appear as "toggle" options.

Enable at least one location to trigger our appointment + order imports.

Step 3 - You're done!

After enabling a location, Fomo will import recent appointments and product sales from your business. Here's an example of a Fomo event for the Booker notification:

Going forward, all new orders and appointments will be imported automatically.
You may modify the messaging and variables used any time at the bottom of your Booker notification page, or connect multiple instances, such as other locations.

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