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Advanced Template Actions (Template Connectors)
Advanced Template Actions (Template Connectors)

Copy or move events between templates.

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A popular Fomo use case is to "send" events from one template to another. Reasons to do this:

  • Ecommerce store that sells 100+ products, but only want to show sales from ONE product on "" landing page

  • Only want to show "for sale" items on specific page or pages

  • Multiple business or product lines under 1 Fomo site instance, and need to separate what customers see

With our Template Actions feature, you can achieve exactly this. 

If you aren't sure what a Template or Event is, check out this explanation.

Step 1
Create a fresh template via Notifications > Rest API >  orange "Add Template" button. This will be your "destination" for copied or moved events (from another Fomo integration/template).

Step 2

Visit the integration containing the data you'd like to "move", e.g. Shopify. This integration connection is the "source" of your data and your template from Step 1 is the new "container" for your . Scroll down and click to open your template, e.g. "Shopify Order." Navigate to the "Actions" tab once inside the template editor.

Step 3

On the Actions tab, select a variable from the "Add a new action" form and set up whatever conditional logic you want.

In the "then/this" section, choose either "change" or "copy", depending on what you want to achieve.

Step 4

On the right side, choose the template you created in Step 1 and then click "add action" to save your work.

In the example above, a template rule will change all events with title containing 'backpack' to the template "New Backpack Template."

Step 5

With your templates and data now routing properly, you probably want to set up a Page Rule. A Page Rule gives you full control over which template shows up on a specific page path.

Navigate to Rules in the side menu bar and create a rule such as:

  • IF URL begins with "/some-landing-page," ONLY show template "New Backpack Template"

  • IF visitor is on homepage, THEN do not show template "All Orders"

If you need further help setting up this functionality, chat or email us at

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