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How to embed Fomo on Landingi
How to embed Fomo on Landingi

Plant your Fomo snippet on Landingi to show off new leads.

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This guide will walk you through how to show off Fomo notifications on Landingi landing pages.

Note: to learn how to import Landingi leads/submissions into Fomo, go here.

Step 1 - Open a Landing Page

Inside Landingi, select a landing page where you'd like to embed Fomo.

Click the "Javascript Code" tag and then "Add Script".

Here we've named the script "Fomo" and embedded the entire script tag from your Fomo > Settings > Embed page. Find that here.

Finally, determine if you want Fomo to load on just your conversion page, thank you page, or all pages -- enter your selection in the "Page" dropdown.

Click "Save".

Step 2 - You're Done!

You do not need to modify your landing page using the editor, simply add the script as described above.

Fomo notifications will begin showing immediately on your landing page, assuming you have Events in your Fomo > Events queue.

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