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Landingi is a landing page builder for lead generation campaigns. Connecting Landingi to Fomo takes just a few seconds and requires no coding.

Note: if you already set up Landingi to send leads to Fomo, learn how to embed your Fomo snippet inside Landingi here.

Step 1 - Enable Landingi

Inside your Fomo account, navigate to Integrations > Landingi and click to connect.

Following connection, you'll see a "Webhook URL" inside Fomo. We'll paste this into your Landingi landing page(s) to import new leads.

Copy the URL to your clipboard.

Step 2 - Enable Fomo

Log into your Landingi editor and choose a landing page.

In the example below we've navigated to our "Free Coffee" landing page. If you click onto your form, the right side should populate with your Form's widget options. 

Click on then click the "Form settings" button within this right-hand panel:

Within the modal that pops up, click "Integrations" on the left menu bar:

Search for "Send the form to an URL as POST" and click:

For "Url address", paste in the URL provided to you by Fomo in Step 1 above:

Make sure to click "Save and close" in the top right, and NOT just the "close" button!

Finally, re-publish your landing page in the top right of your Landingi editor.

Step 3 - You're Done!

Going forward, new leads that fill out your Landingi form will be turned into Fomo notifications. To learn how to embed the Fomo snippet on your pages, go here.

You may modify the messaging and variables of your Fomo notifications anytime within Fomo > Integrations > Landingi.

You may also connect unlimited Landingi forms, either to this same "instance" or by clicking the gray "Connect New" button inside Fomo > Integrations > Landingi.

Connecting multiple instances allows you to have unique messaging, rules, and themes for every one of your Landingi pages, such as only showing leads for product A, on Product A landing page.

Advanced Features (Optional)

Location mapping
By default, Fomo will pull the city, province, and country location details from each of your leads, even if they do not provide their location into your landing page.

This is because Landingi provides the visitor's IP address, which we convert to a location.

Dropdowns and select options
If your landing page has a dropdown and you'd like to use the user's "chosen" option as a Fomo notification variable, great! 

Just be aware that Fomo is sent the "value" property and not the "label" property. So, when creating your dropdown just be sure to provide whatever you want Fomo to "see," on the left side of the form field builder:

Here, the visitor on your landing page will see "Espresso" but if they choose that option, Fomo will be sent "espresso" (lowercase version).

By default, Landingi assigns numbers to the "value," so just override those if necessary.

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