Suppose you run an ecommerce store that gets 10 sales per day, but only 1 customer review per day.

You'd like to show off both sales and recent customer reviews to future shoppers, but the ratio of sales to reviews is highly skewed.

Since Fomo defaults to showing your most recent interactions first, this means many shoppers may only see purchase notifications.

Enter Capture Ratio.

Available on all integrations via Integrations > {{ choose one }} > Templates > Advanced, this feature lets you "fine tune" the notification volume for any integration.

If you prefer to show "less" of one type of notification, simply input a lower number (1-100) inside the Capture ratio field.

At Fomo we use this feature to show a smaller portion of free trial signups, a larger portion of paying customer renewals, and about 50% of our code deploys to our server.

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