For publishers who write about niche topics, it's likely a handful of your readers would benefit from advertising on your website.

While some may reach out on their own via email, we believe that automating the ability to advertise on your website drives more sales and less overhead.

For this reason, Fomo is offering a closed BETA program that helps publishers refer advertisers to run campaigns directly on their website, email-free.

This experimental program includes $25 in free credits for your advertiser, which is automatically assigned to your website. 

We consider this a win-win: the advertiser gets to run a campaign on your website, and you get guaranteed payouts without manual back and forth.

Example Scenario

Suppose you write about kid's toys. Sometimes you take photos and write critical reviews in exchange for a cash fee or complimentary sample product. 

A brand that wants to work with you might visit your "work with me" page, reach out via email, and a few days later you agree to a deal.

Now, using Fomo's campaign referral link, that same advertiser can create a Fomo account in a few clicks, launch a campaign, and be live on your website in minutes without any manual back and forth.

Tips to Get Started

If you don't already have an "Advertise with Us" page on your website or blog, we highly recommend creating one. This could be linked in your head navigation or your footer.

On this page, include a contact form for possible business collaborations as well as something like this:

"Want to advertise your products or services on my blog for as little as 20 cents per click? Go here (insert link) to build your own campaign and you can be live on my site in under 30 minutes."


"To inquire about a business collaboration, email me here. Or, advertise on my website TODAY by creating a campaign at Fomo (insert link) and choosing your targeting options from the campaign builder. Your first $25 is free!"

Embed your "" referral link into this text. If you don't have this URL, email to gain access. Note: this is NOT the same as your publisher referral link inside Account settings.

Next Steps

We look forward to helping publishers increase ad revenues by making it easier to convert existing demand already browsing your website.

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