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How to connect Google Analytics Events
How to connect Google Analytics Events

Show off recent website events from GA.

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If you configured Google Analytics Goals to track recent orders, signups, webinar opt-ins, or anything else, you can connect those Event completions with Fomo in a couple clicks.

Note: if you are seeking to connect Google Analytics inside your Fomo dashboard for click-through conversion reporting, go here. If you are seeking to show off Goal completions, go here.

Step 0 - Connect Google Analytics

Log into your Fomo dashboard and connect Google Analytics, selecting any goal you'd like from the drop-downs.

This grants Fomo the permissions needed to import whatever goal completions you want to show off.

You cannot move forward to Step 1 until this is complete.

Step 1 - Find your Google Analytics Profile

After deciding which Goal to show off, log into Google Analytics and navigate to the View that hosts the goal. 

It will look like this:

After selecting your view, navigate to Admin > View Settings:

Copy the "View ID," we need this.

Step 2 - Input your Profile ID

While logged into Fomo, visit the integrations tab and search for "Google Analytics Events."

If it does not appear, manually input this URL in your browser tab:

Paste the ID you just copied into the Profile ID field.

Step 3 - Choose an Event

Back inside Google Analytics, navigate to "Behaviors" on the left side margin, then click Events > Overview underneath.

Decide which Events you'd like to show off, then plug the values (Category, Action, Label, Days to Look Back) into the Fomo interface.

Note: each event attribute you provide (Category, Action, Label) acts as an "AND" filter. So, if you input "Video" and "Play," we'll only filter for events where each of those attributes is true. "Days to Look Back" allows you to specify the number of most recent days for calculating the event completions.

Fomo will ignore querying for events by an attribute you leave blank. 

Step 4 - You're Done!

Going forward, Fomo will automatically fetch the most recent event completions and their monetary value (if exists) on an hourly basis, clearing out former Fomo notifications on each import.

You may connect as many unique GA Events as you'd like, each with their own custom messaging. Just click "Connect New" and rename the new integration instances to stay organized.

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