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How to sanitize your event data
How to sanitize your event data

Add filters and rules to sanitize your Fomo notification data in seconds.

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A few months after launching Fomo we realized something: not all incoming notification data is alike.

Sometimes your connected app will have a first_name  value, for example, and sometimes that value will be blank.

With Fomo Filters and Template Rules, you can easily configure fallback defaults and ignore or modify event data altogether if it doesn't "look right."

Setting up a couple filters or rules for each of your connected integrations, when necessary, only takes a few seconds.


Covered in depth here, filters let you assign default values like "Someone" if {{ first_name }} is blank.

Filters also let you propercase names, change the colors of text or links inline, and delete unwanted characters.

Template Rules

Covered in depth here, template rules allow you to do things like:

  • ignore purchases of your free or low priced products

  • change "SKU_123" to "Our Business Plan" to handle mismatches in code <> friendly labels on your website

  • swap out notification images given a keyword in your {{ title }} variable

  • much, much more

Page Rules

Filters and Template Rules are just a couple advanced features available on all Fomo plans. 

You can also create Page Rules to show or hide Fomo on specific URLs, or even to just show certain types of notifications based on the user's device or traffic source.

For example, we only show recent customer support tickets closed on our Customers page.


These are just a handful of Fomo features that you can leverage to increase the accuracy of customer behaviors you want to show off on your website.

For custom implementation help, check out Tune Up.

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