Proof and many other competitors in the social proof ecosystem include by default a "Verified by Proof" backlink on every notification:

Fortunately you have several options to fix this:

  1. Upgrade to their Business Plan ($129 /month)

  2. Try a white-label tool like Fomo (feature tour) that does not include backlinks

For more information about how social proof widgets use "powered by" branding to grow their business at the expense of customers, check out our research study:

"Do 'Powered By' Backlinks actually Work?"

If you're open to trying a new solution, Fomo is offering a 2 month extended free trial with no catch or fees.

Use this link to remove "Verified by Proof" branding and backlinks from your notifications, and get 74 days (2 months + 14 day trial) of free Fomo:

If you have any questions, email

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