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Show off closed tickets from Help Scout.

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Help Scout is a leading provider of simple customer support software.

Whenever you "close" a ticket inside Help Scout, or receive a "great" rating, Fomo provides the option to show off those wins on your website.

Connecting Help Scout to Fomo takes just a few seconds and does not require any coding experience.

Step 1 - Connect Help Scout

Log into Fomo and navigate to Integrations. Search for "Help Scout" and click to connect.

You'll be asked to log into your Help Scout account, then forwarded back to Fomo.

Step 2 - You're Done!

After connecting, Fomo will immediately import recently closed tickets.

The "closed ticket" default message looks like this:

Modify your Fomo notification template anytime with variables like:

  • {{ team_member_name }}

  • {{ first_name }} (your customer)

The "received rating" default message looks like this:

Future "closed" tickets and received ratings will be imported automatically.

โ€‹Advanced Options

You may be running multiple Help Scout mailboxes under a single master account.

Fomo can "scope" specific mailboxes to your Fomo account.

Simply email with your Fomo login email and which mailboxes (by name) to include in your account connection.

Find your mailbox name inside Help Scout > Mailboxes.

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